Essential reading.

Children and Pesticides:

Poisoning Our Future: Children & Pesticides.  Dr. Meriel Watts

United Nations Human Rights – Office of the High Commissioner: UN rights expert urges States and businesses to prevent childhood exposure to toxics and pollution GENEVA (21 September 2016)

Duty to prevent childhood exposure: report to UN Human Rights Council on Rights of Child and Toxics

Chemtrust 2017 Report: No Brainer: The impact of chemicals on children’s brain development: a cause for concern and a need for action

Children & Pesticides don’t mix Beyond Pesticides Fact Sheet

Report: Pesticide exposure linked to childhood cancer and lower IQ.

Moms Exposed to Monsanto Weed Killer Means Bad Outcomes for Babies. U.S. Right to Know.

Pesticide exposure in children. Roberts JR, Karr CJ Pediatrics. 2012 Dec;130(6):e1765-88. doi: 10.1542/peds.2012-2758. Epub 2012 Nov 26. Council On Environmental Health. 

Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity. Philippe Grandjean, Philip J Landrigan. The Lancet.

Pesticides Matter, a primer for reproductive health physicians. University of California.

Policy Statement: Pesticide Exposure in Children American Academy of Pediatrics:  

Greenpeace: Pesticides & our Health: A growing concern.

EU: New non-commercial research proves that industry’s claims on pesticide bans are flawed. 31 pesticides should be regulated as ED- pesticides because they show ED-properties.


IARC, European, USA, WHO - safety assessment of glyphosate based herbicides:

Portier CJ et al 2016. Commentary. Differences in the carcinogenic evaluation of glyphosate between the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). J Epidemiol Community Health2016:0:1–5. Published Online First: March 3, 2016. doi:10.1136/jech-2015-207005

Missed and Dismissed: pesticide regulators ignore the legal obligation to use independent science for deriving safe exposure levels.  2014 Pesticide Action Network Europe and Generation Futures Tony Tweedale, Angeliki Lysimachou and Hans Muilerman

Robinson, C., Holland, N., Leloup, D., and Muilerman, H. (2013). Conflicts of interest at the European Food Safety Authority erode public confidence. J Epidemiol Community Health. Published online March 8 2013: 10.1136/jech-2012-202185.

The Monsanto Papers: MDL Glyphosate Cancer Case Key Documents & Analysis. U.S. Right to Know. 

Roundup & Birth Defects:  Is the public being kept in the dark?

Herbicides found in Human Urine. Germany.

Teratogenic Effects of Glyphosate-Based Herbicides: Divergence of Regulatory Decisions from Scientific Evidence

The Glyphosate Renewal assessment Report: An Analysis of Gaps and Deficiencies. PAN Germany.   Dr. P. Clausing.

The EFSA Conclusion on the Peer Review of the Glyphosate Risk Assessment A Reality Check. PAN Germany. Dr P. Clausing. Hamburg December 2015

Comments on ECHA's CLH-Report regarding Genotoxicity. Dr P. Clausing PAN Germany. July 2016

ISIS: A Roundup of Roundup® Reveals Converging Pattern of Toxicity from Farm to Clinic to Laboratory Studies

 Centre for Food Safety Submission Glyphosate renewal US EPA. OPP Docket- US EPA. Docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2016-0385. October 12, 2016. Page 26. 

Soil Degradation

Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy: Trade & Environment Review: Wake up before it's too late.

Farm Industry News:  Glyphosate-resistant weed problem extends to more species, more farms

New York Times: Misgivings about how a weedkiller affects the soil.  Guardian: Chemical reactions: glyphosate & the politics of chemical safety.

GMOs and stacked pesticides

European Network of Scientists: No Scientific Consensus on GM Safety.

How GMOs Unleashed a Pesticide Gusher

Greenpeace: Herbicide tolerance and GM Crops

USDA Scientist Reveals All: Glyphosate Hazards to Crops, Soils, Animals, and Consumers

10 Reasons why we don't need GM Foods.  Further reading: GM Myths and Truths 20

Charles Benbrook:  Glyphosate tolerant crops in the EU

ISAAA: Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops in 2012 (See Table 41 P. 219 Dominant Biotech Crops in 2012) All glyphosate/insecticide tolerant. No health/beneficial traits/

GMOs and the Capitulation of Science Journalism Jonathan Latham. Independent Science News.

Sustainability and innovation in staple crop production in the US Midwest. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability  Volume 12, Issue 1, 2014. 

Heineman et al: Sustainability and innovation in staple crop production in the US Midwest

Dr Thierry Vrain: Engineered food & your health: The Nutritional Status of GMOs


Corporate Europe: Profiting from injustice. How law firms, arbitrators and financiers are fuelling an investment arbitration boom

Websites & Organisations:

Pesticides Action Network UK  

Pesticides Action Network North America

Pesticides Action Network Europe

Pesticides Action Network New Zealand - Dr Meriel Watts Children and Pesticides: Learn how pesticides affect children.

Beyond Pesticides is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington D.C.  Directors and staff are experienced scientists, conservationists, and activists working to provide the public with useful information on pesticides and alternatives to their use.

U.S. Right to Know  is a nonprofit organization working for transparency and accountability in the USA food system.

Center for Food Safety uses multifaceted strategies, including legal actions, submission of policy comments and public education, to accomplish its goals of curtailing industrial agricultural production methods that harm human health and the environment, and promoting sustainable alternatives.

Earth Open Source applies networked, open source, collaborative approaches to achieve break-through advances in the sustainability of the food system.  EOS pulled together the scientists to write the paper Roundup &  Birth Defects.

GMWatch is an independent organisation that seeks to counter the enormous corporate political power and propaganda of the biotech industry and its supporters.   (Many GMWatch papers concentrate on GMO's & glyphosate, or Roundup).

 The Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1999 by Mae-Wan Ho and Peter Saunders to work for social responsibility and sustainable approaches in science. A major part of our work is to promote critical public understanding of science and to engage both scientists and the public in open debate and discussion.

Moms Across America - a group responding to the illnesses presenting in their children as a result of exposure to GMOs.  Toxins from GMOs relate to increased pesticide residues and the GMO itself. Many parents, after taking their children off diets which may contain GMOs report positive effects. Ie. Children become healthy and normal again.

The Sparc: Free open access to scientific papers. Keyword: Glyphosate

The only lifetime study of the full formulation of Roundup: When Seralini and his team released a research paper showing rats fed GMO & Roundup developed massive tumours the corporate movement went into high gear with the result that the study was retracted by the paper, due to, intriguingly, inconclusivity.  Internationally, independent scientists deplored the retraction [1] [2]. Seralini responded openly to critics before the retraction:  GMO Seralini.  The study has been republished.

The Bioscience Resource Project and the The Independent Science News.  US based with international science links.

Union of Concerned Scientists clearly illustrate Monsanto's PR and lobbying spend.  UCS members understand that scientific analysis—not political calculations or corporate hype—should guide efforts to secure responsible changes in government policy, corporate practices, and consumer choices.

These hardworking people sent thoroughly researched submissions to the EPA for the new glyphosate reregistration review:

(Click on their names to see their submissions, once in click on the PDF)

Bill Freese       Giles Seralini      Don Huber    and

 Jay Feldman The signatories to this submission by Beyond Pesticides included the following:  ; Alaska Community Action on Toxics; BioLogical Pest Management Inc; BURNT; California Safe Schools; Californians for Pesticide Reform; Center for Biological Diversity; Center for Environmental Health; Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association; Farmworker Association of Florida; Fearless Fund ; Food & Water Watch; Grass Roots; Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition; Heathy Lawns Project; HELP; Hilltown Anti-Herbicide Coalition; Maryland Pesticide Network; National Center for Environmental Health Strategies; NJ Environmental Federation; No Spray Nashville; Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC); Oregon Center for Environmental Health (OCEH); Oregon Toxics Alliance; Pesticide Action Network of North America (PANNA); Pesticide-Free Zone Inc; Pesticide-Free Shorewood; Protect All Children's Environment; San Francisco Baykeeper; Shorewood Conservation Committee; Terry Shistar, PhD Lawrence, KS; The Ecological Health Organization; Warren Porter, PhD, UWisconsin, Madison.

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